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Just bought from simMarket and installed with the key given , I get a registration successful box pop up but when I launch it saying it's not registered. Previously had a unregistered version which I uninstalled and deleted. Can see my key within install folder and have checked and uninstall - reinstall a few times now but same every time.

Any help much appreciated.




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You ran the installer directly from within the zip file. You shouldn't do this as it can cause issues - please unzip/extract before you run the installer.

However, the log file you attached shows that you are running a licensed version:


Checking the Registrations now ...
User Name="Steve Hinde"
User Addr="stein360@btinternet.com"
FSUIPC7 Key is provided
WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired

Where is it saying that it is not registered when you launch? Do you see the Assignments menu? 


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7 minutes ago, AKA_Stein said:

Sorted now , reinstalled but I think the problem was an old shortcut on my desktop I was using to start. Used the exe from within new installed folder and all is good.

The desktop shortcut should be removed and added again when you re-install. I suspect that things are going astray as you are running the installer from the zip file. You should extract the zip and re-install from the extracted installer - no need to re-register.


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