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Saying it cannot find the UserCgf.opt file when i can see it


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If the installer cannot see that file, then this must be due to one of three reasons:

1. Your APPDATA environment variable hasn't ben set correctly. To check this, open a command prompt and enter the command:
    dir "%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt"
Can you see the file listed doing this? If not, you need to ensure that your APPDATA environment variable is being set correctly.

2. Anti-virus software is preventing this file from being accessed. Check any messages/warnings in any anti-virus software that you are using and maybe disable while installing.

3. Windows access permissions are preventing the installer from accessing this file. Check the windows permissions. Can you open this file in a text editor?

Failure to determine the location of this file results in the WASM module not being installed and the the auto-start component not being enabled. If you cannot determine (and correct) why the installer cannot see this file, both of these components can be installed manually. I can provide further instructions on how to do this if needed.


Later: note also thar this file is only created the first time you run MSFS, so if you tried to install FSUIPC before running MSFS, try again

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