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On 7/30/2022 at 9:28 PM, AleItalia said:

I tried to connect a Whartog switch, to a presets in the buttons and switches section, for starting the motor 1, PED FUEL CUT 1, but it doesn't work, am I wrong something?

No idea - hard to tell with so little information. Try activating logging for Buttons & Keys as well as Events, and check the preset is being sent when you press the button.
You can also try executing the calculator code for the preset using the Add-ons->WASM->Execute Calculator Code... menu item to see if the preset is working. If it is, then there is something wrong somewhere - you can attach your log and ini files and I will take a look. If the calculator code for the preset isn't working, I can't help with that - try the MobiFlight discord server.


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This is how I did it.  First, create a macro file in the FSUIPC directory.  I called mine MD80.MCRO (it must have the .MCRO extension).  In that file I have these entries (so far):


Now in the "Control sent when button pressed" drop down menu you will see these additional entries:

MD80: L:ext lights event Set
MD80: L:overhead event Set

To operate the left engine fuel idle/cutoff switch, select the MD80: L:pedestal event Set and send the proper parameter, in this case 536870923 (536870912+11) for a left single click.  The correct parameter to send can be found on the MobiFlight presets page,


or in the "Maddog interior" .xml file:


If you're doing this via Lua script, I've found the easiest thing to do is just execute the "calculator code" from the MobiFlight page.  That specific command looks like this:

ipc.execCalcCode("536870912 11 + (>L:pedestal_event,number)")

Hope that helps!



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I also immediately realized that what I wrote above is really unnecessary now that the MobiFlight presets for the MD82 are fully populated in FSUIPC.  (In my defense I might have started assigning my switches without looking at the presets 🙂).  So skip the macro bit and just assign the button to Preset:MD82 PED FUELCUT LEVER1 ON.  That seems much easier! 😃

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Yes, I can appreciate how frustrating that is.

I tested this on my system.  Assigning a button to the preset


works as expected, setting the left pedestal fuel cutoff lever to ON.

As John suggested, I also tried executing the calculator code directly from the Add-ons->WASM->Execute Calculator Code... menu item, and that also works.  The calculator code is:

536870912 11 + (>L:pedestal_event,number)

If your system is NOT working like this, then only John can troubleshoot the problem.  Sorry.

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12 hours ago, AleItalia said:

But I've tried and they don't work

As @Moderate Chophas indicated these lvars and presets are working, there must be something else going on. Check that you are using the latest version of FSUIPC7, which is v7.3.7 - if not update first. Also check the WASM module is enabled. If that is the case and it still isn't working, show me your FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC7.ini files. preferably with Debug level logging activated on the WAPI, as well as Event and Button & Key logging activated.


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I don't see any assignments to presets in your MD82 profile, although you have some for the Fenix A320. Try adding some assignments to presets and test them. Start with the attached FSUIPC7.ini - I have added a [WAPI] section and enabled Debug level logging, and adjusted the names for your aircraft profiles so that you don't need to add each variant that you use. Make sure FSUIPC7 isn't running when you copy the attachment to your FSUIPC7 installation folder.

Any issues, re-attach your updated FSUIPC7.ini as well as your FSUIPC7.log file.



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15 hours ago, AleItalia said:

I wanted to ask you, the presets of the buttons and the knob with the lever of the autobrake that you see in the screenshots, are not there? can you have them?

I cannot help with this as I don't have the MD-82. Ask on the MobiFlight discord server, or on the aircraft support forum. Maybe some other FSUIPC users who have this aircraft can help....maybe  @Moderate Chop?

15 hours ago, AleItalia said:

as for compressing Fsuipc log file, I tried with RAR, it always tells me it's great, is 29,6 MB

The log file shouldn't be that big...make sure that you only have logging activated for what you are investigating or are having issues with (e.g. Events and buttons & Keys only). But I don't need to see this anymore as you say the presets for the MD-82 are now working for you.


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I think John only provides those presets specified on the MobiFlight site.  Unfortunately, only 80 presets are defined for the MD-82, and the buttons you asked about are not among them.  (Contrast that with the 1648 presets defined for the PMDG 737!)

To assign these other buttons, you will have to go through the process I described earlier:

  1. Look through the MaddogX_interior.xml file for the event you want
  2. Add that event to a .MCRO file
  3. Assign the button to the resulting entry in the drop down list, specifying the parameter to be sent.

For example, the switch to arm the autobrake is described beginning on line 18243 in the .xml file (ped_autobrake_switch1).  You will see that it requires you to send (to emulate a 'LeftSingle' mouse click) parameter 536870938 (536870912 + 26) to the pedestal_event.

For the TRP buttons in your left image, I'm not sure.  But I do see that the .xml file has trp_event entires, so you could give those a go.

This can be pretty tedious when assigning a lot of buttons, and requires quite a bit of trial and error.  But FSUIPC has pretty good logging and debugging tools, so that helps.

For more sophisticated assignments that involve multiple actions per switch/key, time delays, conditionals, and dependencies (like the autobrake knob itself), I use Lua scripts.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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15 hours ago, Moderate Chop said:

I think John only provides those presets specified on the MobiFlight site.

Yes - and remember that the preset file (events.txt) that comes with FSUIPC7 is generated at the time of release, and is out-of-date (compared to the presets on the MF HubHop site) shortly after release, as the site is updated frequently.  You can always download and install the latest events.txt file from the MF HubHop site if there are presets available there not available in FSUIPC7. I also recommend that you submit any new presets you discover to that site to share them with the community.

Thanks @Moderate Chop!


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What values can the L:ped_autobrake_switch1 variable take? Are you sure that this lvar is writeable (some lvars are read-only, and no way to know if its read/write or read-only)?
To check, use the Add-ons->WASM->Set Lvar menu item, and try setting the lvar to different values. When you chanhe the value of the lvar, list the lvars afterwards to see if the lvar holds the value you have set.

Note also that your assignment screenshot shows you are setting the lvar value to 0. The switch is already in the 'off' position, so if '0' is off, the assignment isn'y going to do anything.

I can help you to assign this correctly if you confirm that setting this lvar is having the desired affect, which you should always test if you have any issues. Also try logging the lvar value when the switch is in different positions, so that you know what value corresponds to each position.


P.S. Please STOP asking for support by 'reporting content', i.e .do not use the Report option. That is NOT for support requests. Just use the reply function.

Edited by John Dowson
PS added
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