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PMDG 737 New Parking Brake Logic - **SOLVED**


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I was having issues with the new PMDG 737 Parking Brake logic while setting up my PMDG 737 profile (A BIG thank you to John for the new PRESETS). The problem is that I could set the Parking Brake just fine. Which means that it is sensing the full application of brakes correctly. Otherwise, according to their logic I would not be able to set the brakes. However, pressing full brakes again will not release the brakes. 

The issue is that MSFS is not P3D. Especially when it comes to axes. Different airplanes react differently. For example, for the PMDG, you *need* to set the brakes as "Axis". However, you do not need to set the throttles as "xxxxxxxx_Ext1" for them to behave correctly. Also, some axes operate normally, until you try and calibrate them in FSUIPC. This is the case with the brake axes. 

** If you want to have the new PMDG Parking Brake logic to operate correctly, you need to have;**

- The toe brakes set as normal axis and set as "Axis Left Brake" and "Axis Right Brake"

- You need to reset (remove) any brake calibration you may have in FSUIPC

- You have to then go into the .ini file for you PMDG 737 and add ",*-1" to you two brake axis lines like so; (This will reverse the axis for correct brake function without calibrating)

6=EX,256,F,66387,0,0,0,*-1    -{ TO SIM: AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET }- (only the bold part is important as the number and "EX" reflect my setup)

The new logic will now be correctly replicated.

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Cela ne marche pas avec moi !

J'ai pourtant appliqué votre solution sur le fichier .ini  d'origine, et sur une version vierge, mais ça ne marche pas.

La seule qui fonctionne  correctement, est de se priver de FSUIPC.


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I have yet applied your solution on the original .ini file, and on a blank version, but it doesn't work.

Then you are doing something wrong. The correct way to do this is to assign your axis to the controls using 'Send to FS as normal axis' and then, with FSUIPC7 not running, edit your ini to remove any toe brake calibration and add the reverse scaling (',*-1') if needed.


The only one that works correctly is to deprive yourself of FSUIPC.

That is no solution...


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