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p3dv4.5 , windows10, fslabs a320/321 v1.0.1.2.  fsuipc v6.1.9

ive tried several times to assign mouse macros to the engine start and ignition switches without success.

is there a registry entry somewhere or files i have to delete for a clean start at macro assigning or something. nothing works


FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC6.ini

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It looks like your macro is assigned and being called:


   303312 Mouse Event = [rect x40000137, action 3]
   316312 User Macro: engine1=:


   373468 Mouse Event = [rect x40000136, action 3]
   381843 User Macro: engine2=:


Maybe you can show me your macro file?

But, rather than using mouse-macros, you should first try either the standard controls and/or lvars. From this post, it looks like there are lvars available for both the engine start and the ignition: 



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On 8/26/2022 at 7:01 PM, eddman said:

i have to do some reading, i dont know what lvars are or what they do.

Try the macro file in the first message in that post I referenced, and then assign to the macro:lvar and give a parameter, although I am not sure what the parameter values should be. Try 1 to activate and 0 to turn off, which is standard, and if that doesn't work you can try listing the lvar values (there is a control available for this - List local panel variables) to see how they change when you manually start the ignition and engines.

As for your mouse macros, I am not sure why they aren't working.  It could be that mouse macros don't work for the FSLabs A32x (not sure, I don't have this aircraft), or that the mouse action (3 - Left single click) is not correct. You could try changing it to use a click followed by a left release, i.e.



However, I think you will be better off looking at the custom controls provided by the aircraft. The FSLabs A32x aircraft use the Rotor Brake control with the parameter indicating the actual function. There should be a tutorial on how to use these with FSUIPC on the FSLabs forums - see this post: 


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