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FSUIPC and possible Tobii background processes?


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HI guys, I enjoy the Tobii Eye tracker 5 since a while- really great and immersive. Since weeks I do have a problem in MSFS2020 when using Tobii+MultiCrewExperience. Both running ends up CTD MCE and Tobii. No head movements are possible anymore. Does anyone know if FSUIPC has anything to do with any Tobii background service Thanks and I appreciate your support!

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So. Got some time for testing.

How did I test?

  1. I de-installed FSUIPC and deleted the <fsuipc-lvars-module> from community folder manually.
  2. Started MSFS200 and loaded up the C172 on runway with running engines.
  3. Started MCE without any problems. Checklist reading passed. Everything is fine.

Next test: FSUIPC installed

  1. Re-installed FSUIPC and stopped while reading a Mobiflight popup. Could that be a hint?
  2. Started MSFS2020, selected the PMDG 737-700 with running engines on the same runway as the C172 before.
  3. Started MCE- Initialisation fine, Aircraft frame identified correctly. Ramp agent working.
  4. MCE stopped after reading the checklist on item 2, sent MSFS2020 to taskbar and popup says to restart the flight and not the simulator.
  5. Put MSFS2020 back to fullscreen, MCE has automatically opened the option page on the sim
    1. Tobii device missing in the controls page
  6. Restarted MCE, airframe identified, ramp agent annoucing, CTD again...same popup message.

What did I learn?

Difficult. I believe that MCE in combination with maybe FSUIPC & WASM-module kicked Tobii out of my system temporarily. Tobii support was not very helpful and refers to Asobo...hahaha.

Have you got another idea?

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The only thing that could be interfering, as far as I can see, is if MCE or Tobi are using the same custom event numbers as used by FSUIPC. You can try changing the ones used by FSUIPC to see if that makes a difference - see the description if the StartEventNo  ini parameter on page 49 of the Advanced User guide.

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