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P3d 5.3 and WideFS issue

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I was debating posting since I do not have any log files available but figured I needed a sanity check after spending 16 hours troubleshooting. 

I support a CRJ flight sim for a University for a senior level class. The sim uses Prepar3d and Project Magenta with multiple computers relying on widefs to share the sim data. The short version of the issue is that I upgraded prepar3d to v5.3 from v5.2 and also upgraded FSUIPC to 6.1.9 from 6.1.7. Everything seemed fine but after a few hours the sim reportedly acted weird with the aircraft spiraling to a crash and the instructor unable to get the sim working again after a restart. 

After troubleshooting for several hours I made the determination that widefs was not working with Prepar3d v5.3. I uninstalled 5.3 and reinstalled the 5.2 client without success. I even bought a new nvme drive and installed a clean win10 installation with p3d v5.3 and FSUIPC 6.1.9 and it was not able to work. I installed v4 of prepar3d and FSUIPC v5.157 and the widefs clients started responding. I put back the old nvme drive and installed v4 of prepar3d and FSUIPC 5.157 and again the wide clients responded. I was not able to get v5.3 to respond, ruling out firewall and network issues. My network instance of active sky worked without issue. I was unable to telnet to port 8002 with v5.3 but other ports responded such as 445. No widefs log file was generated. I was not able to see port 8002 listening after running a netstat. Firewall is disabled and I added exceptions just in case, also all computers are in same workgroup. I reinstalled several times even completely removing the install and reregistering. This leads me to believe widefs was not starting.

Have there been any reported issues? It may take some time to get log files to post but hoping for some feedback before spending more hours troubleshooting.


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I can't help without seeing your log and ini files... Please show me your FSUIPC6.log, WideServer.log. WideClient.log and WideClient.ini and FSUIPC6.ini files.

5 hours ago, mulchekp said:

No widefs log file was generated.

I don't understand this - there must be a WideServer.log in your FSUIPC6 installation folder, and a WideClient.log in your WideClient installation folder...


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