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I will register my SB by FSUIPC but there is no button for that ! So the other multiplayer cant see me and IVAO is req that via SB to register me in FSUIPC what is wrong ?? Help me pls !

Run FS. Go into FSUIPC options via the Modules menu (select FSUIPC). You can also get there by ALT M F.

In the first screen you see (called "About") there will be the version number amd other stuff on the left, and the whole right-hand side is all to do with Registration.

To register an application you use the lowest button, labelled "Register an Application Program". It is bottom right on the "About" page.

If you don't see it, it will be because you have registered your copy of FSUIPC. If you have a registered copy of FSUIPC you do not ever need to separately register any programs at all (except WideFS if you use that). You automatically have access rights for all FSUIPC interfacing programs.

Don't forget that Squawkbox uses Multiplayer to send airecraft images back and forth, and FSUIPC is not at all involved in that. FS2004 Multiplayer is not compatible with the FS2002 version, and I think you have to use something called SBrelay to make Squawkbox work.



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