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FSUIPC v4.977 in FSX:Steam and Flight1 Mustang

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i have FSUIPC v4.977 in FSX:Steam [not beta] and the Flight1 Mustang.

the Mustang does not like FSUIPC and crashes the sim shortly after loading begins.

is there recent information regarding this?

i can disable FSUIPC when flying the Mustang of course

but i thought there might be some better fix for the problem.




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Could you add the following to your FSUIPC4.ini file in the [General] section please:
and generate and show me a log file with that logging enabled. Also, after the crash, can you check the windows event viewer and paste any crash event information you find there.

But unfortunately I don't think I can do much about this... FSUIPC4 has been closed for development for many years, and it will be difficult for me to track down this issue without purchasing this aircraft...I will look into this further though if you can provide me with the above information.

You also don't seem to be using FSUIPC4 for much, if anything...


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Thank you John.

I use FSUIPC for ADE design.

I can continue to do what i do now and turn FSUIPC OFF when i fly the Mustang.

I just thought there might be a simple solution but it seems i have it.

As you say FSUIPC is closed for development. FSX is on the way out so please do not

attend to this any further. 

Thanks for your attention.



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