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Lua variable concatenation

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The control will not send when I use concatenated variable in ipc.control. 

cdukey = L_CDU_5 works perfectly but cdukey = "L_CDU_" .. n does not despite ipc.display showing L_CDU_5.

function SET(n)
Click_L = 0x20000000 -- Left mouse click
L_CDU_5 = 69632+358 -- Left CDU 5 Key Command

cdukey = "L_CDU_" .. n

ipc.control(cdukey, Click_L)



What am I doing wrong?

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ipc.control takes the control number (n) as a parameter, as an integer. You are passing a string, Even though the sting holds the name of a local variable which holds a number, it is the string that is passed to the function, not the variable value. This should work:

ipc.control(L_CDU_5 , Click_L)
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20 minutes ago, Keight said:

yes as I wrote this works but I am trying to set the "5" part of the  "L_CDU_5" by variable n.

But you cannot do this, as cdukey is a string - just because that holds the variable name, it is not that variable.
You could try with:

ipc.control(_G[cdukey], Click_L)

see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43776809/how-to-use-string-as-variable-name-in-lua, or google further...



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