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FSUIPC no automatic start


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Since some time (already happened with v7.3.8) FSUIPC does not start when I use the desktop shortcut.  The sim starts, but not FSUIPC. The shortcut and FSUIPC.exe are set to "Start as Administrator". There is not even a .log file, so FSUIPC does not start at all.


Once the sim runs and I start FSUIPC.exe it runs.


What can I do, what additional info do you need?




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If you have set FSUIPC7 to be ran as Administrator, then MSFS must also be ran as administrator. I am not sure that setting the MSFS desktop icon to be ran as administrator will do this...if using Steam, for example, it is the Steam app that starts MSFS and the Steam app must be set to be ran as administrator. If using an MS Store install, you will need to find out how to run MSFS as admin with that        installation type.

If you are running both MSFS and FSUIPC7 as admin then something else must be going on. Please see the following FAQ entry for MSFS auto-start issues:

You could first try running both MSFS and FSUIPC7 without admin privileges, to check that auto-start us configured correctly, If not, that post should help you correct that. Once it is working with non-admin privileges, try setting both FSUIPC7 and MSFS to both run as admin and try again.

If you have an MS Store version of MSFS. if you can let me know how you start MSFS as admin then I can also add these details to that FAQ entry.


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Thank you. I use the store version. I found two FlightSimulator.exe files on my ssd. I changed both to be started as admin, and now it works!


I searched for FlightSimulator*.exe on my C drive and then changed to "Start as Administrator" in settings->compatibility. I use the software "Agent Ransack" for searching my drives.



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