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Cannot register FSUIPC7 for MSFS w/older licenses


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As per your website, I am unable to register FSUIPC7 using my older keys.

I purchased FSUIPC5 in 2017.  I purchased FSUIPC4 and WideFS in 2013 but with a different email address than the 2017 purchase.  I tried different combinations on the installer to register but no luck.  Says it's not valid.

I can provide order info, etc privately if required. Please advise.



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Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.  I believe I misunderstood what was written on the website.  I do use the trial version of FSUIPC7 but was trying to register it as full license.  I misread the website as it seems to only apply to WideFS.  I thought previous registered versions of FSUIPC was ok.  My bad.  

Any chance you might have some insight on the following:  I have been using the ACARSv2 software used by Worldwide Virtual airlines without any issues.  Then all of a sudden yesterday it stopped connecting to MSFS and a popup tells me "An error has occurred trying to connect to the simulator.  Check the scenario has loaded and FSUIPC is correctly installed then try again".  So I tried an uninstall/reinstall of both ACARS client and FSUIPC.  Still not working.  Really odd as it was just fine the other day.  Note:  Both MSFS and FSUIPC are running when I try to connect.  FSUIPC does indicate it is connected to the sim.  Any thoughts?


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5 hours ago, MZEL said:

I sorted it out.  I am running MSFS and FSUIPC as administrator.  But wasn't running the ACARS client as such.  A quick change to run it as admin fixed the issue.

Yes - all MSFS clients, as well as FSUIPC clients, need to be ran at the same level.

Glad you sorted it out,



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