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GPSout Setting with/for Foreflight ioS Flight planning and mapping

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Hi Pete,

Foreflight from Boeing is gaining track and support from the global community of professional pilots as a leading tool also inlcuding Europe recently.

They openly publish their spec for GPS and AHRS data-in:


and have an support article online recommending a solution for FSX based on FSUIPC:


Foreflight also actively encourages moving-map support from X-plane and a variety of SIMs (where it often works seamlessly with no extra plugins or tools required).

Now for FSX your wonderful FSUIPC is the only rescue.

What is missing is the specific setting for GPSout SENTENCES - the working combination that creates a datagram format that is understood by Foreflight.

Neither FlightsimGPS nor your manual is mentioning these or at least I am unable to make these match.

In my setup Xplane and Foreflight on an iPadpro in the same network connect seamlessly which means that issues like „firewall“ or „port avaiability“ can be excluded.

With FSX and a registered copy of FSUIPC Foreflight  the FlightsimGPS interface tool shows „connected“ to the PC and within Foreflight the virual device is „enabled“.

The SIM position however is not recognized by Foreflight, I suspect the GPSout settings.

Your help or anybodies advice having made this work toghether is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards


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The sentences output are controlled by the check boxes in the GPSout panel:



The geographic position (latitude, longitude) will be emitted if the GLL box is checked. See the following for the sentences emitted with each check-box: https://www.rfwireless-world.com/Terminology/GPS-sentences-or-NMEA-sentences.html

Or am I misunderstanding your question?



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HI John,

the question is which (combination?) of checkboxes will work.

GLL (alone) doesn‘t do it, neither GLL plus VTG and many others I tried.

Foreflight would require Position and Speed for a basic functionality, but it can also accept AHRS data and even traffic. 

It does that with X-plane it would just be great if it could be used with FSX as well.

12 options for sentence creation means  hundreds of possible combinations and I haven`t found the magic combination that actually works.

Will ask Foreflight as well and post results here if successful, I was hoping that anybody could share working setup and/or FSUIPC deciding to explicitly include Foreflight as the „Rolls Royce“ of EFP apps.


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You need to determine what NMEA sentences are supported by Foreflight - the website mentions GDL90 Extension protocol which I know nothing about...

I would try with RMC and GGA - also remember you need to set
in the [GPSout] section of the FSUIPC4.INI file if using an IOS device.


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