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Programming Fuel Cutoff Levers 1&2 for PMDG 737

robert mcdonald

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Recently I purchased fuel cutoff levers for my PMDG 737 and was having a problem programming them in MSFS.  I elected to purchase FSUIPC7 (and already owned WideFS), so I popped in my email and serial numbers and away I went.  

These steps worked well for me, and bonus, the fuel levers move on screen along with your hardware!! Note: If you get out of sync with the animated levers in the on-screen cockpit, use your mouse to 'switch' the on-screen levers to the match up with your hardware levers! Simple! I start MSFS with the 737 engines 'off' so I start with my hardware levers in the down position.
When you install MSFS, you must also install WIDEFS, if you previously owned an older version of FSUIPC, you do NOT have to purchase WIDEFS over again, but you need your registration details (email and serial number) from wherever you bought it, most likely SimMarket. Once you have installed BOTH FSUIPC7 (for MSFS) and WIDEFS, you start MSFS. FSUIPC starts automatically.  When you are in MSFS, press ALT+F to bring up FSUIPC. In the menu at the top, click on Buttons . Then just complete as shown in the pictures and click OK.  Close FSUIPC window and in the sim watch the onscreen levers move to match you moving your new hardware levers! Bingo!  Click on screen shot thumbnails below to view full image.
Start FSUIPC7 (ALT+F) - Then across top menu - Choose Buttons & Switches. Move the first lever you want to program up and down a couple times so FSUIPC can recognize it. Put a checkmark in the box "Select for FS Control". In the drop-down window on the right side of screen, "Control Sent When Button Pressed" - choose ROTOR BRAKE. Then enter the value 68801. Repeat the process for "Control Sent When Button Released" Once again, choose Rotor Brake and value 68801. Click OK.

Then repeat this process, but this time move Lever #2 up and down a time or two until FSUIPC identifies the correct Joystick and Button Number. Then do everything just as above EXCEPT the numerical value for the right side lever is 68901. You can refer to the screen shots to make sure your work is correct. Your JOYSTICK may be a different letter depending on how many joysticks you have. The BUTTON NUMBERS though should match the shots here (I think).

Information provided is without warranty and end user assumes all risks of use thereof.
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Thanks for this. Note that there are also several presets available to control the fuel cutoff levers in the PMDG 737:


as well as the following which check the position of the lever before sending the control (which helps in keeping the levers in sync with the VC):

PMDG_B737-7_FUEL_CUT_OFF_LEVER1_DN - maps to (L:switch_688_73X) 0 == if{ 68801 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) }
PMDG_B737-7_FUEL_CUT_OFF_LEVER1_UP - maps to (L:switch_688_73X) 100 == if{ 68801 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) }
PMDG_B737-7_FUEL_CUT_OFF_LEVER2_DN - maps to (L:switch_689_73X) 0 == if{ 68901 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) }
PMDG_B737-7_FUEL_CUT_OFF_LEVER2_UP - maps to (L:switch_689_73X) 100 == if{ 68901 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) }

Also, with the PMDG 737 you can use the Rotor Brake control, but that has certain restrictions as the single parameter represents the button/switch as well as the mouse operation to control that switch. Rather than using the Rotor Brake control, you can use a custom control number instead. See the following FAQ entry on using custom controls for PMDG aircraft (also valid for FSX and P3D): 

Also, this FAQ entry shows how to calculate Rotor Brake control parameters from the PMDG 737 SDK for general use (although the custom control method us more complete):


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