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A2A P-51 LVARS via Lua

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Hi All

Hope you all are well, ill get straight to it, im trying to build a P-51 sim using either Mobi Flight or Air Manager, ive mangaged to use FSUIPC to log some of the event id's that the A2A P-51 is throwing out, but not all of them show up. I found on here about using the find lvars.lua plugin to help find the missing attributes but I still cant see them in logging, they are quite important parts as well, for example the fuel selector valve, fuel cut-off lever, etc, etc.

Can anyone help me understand this ?


Many Thanks


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What FS and version of FSUIPC are you using? Presumably not MSFS with FUIPC7, as there is a specific sub-forum for that.
To list available lvars in FSUIPC4/5/6, you can use the provided lua plugin but it is easier to just assign a button or key to the FUIPC-added control List local panel variables
and use that.


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You would assign a button or key press to this as you would for assigning to any other control - open either the button or key assignment tab, press the button or key so that it is registered, then select the control List local panel variables from the drop-down menu, then click Ok to save the assignment. Then just press the assigned button or key, and the lvars will be listed in the FSUIPC6.log file.

2 hours ago, Myles_DJL said:

i only managed to work out logging using trial and error,

Why don't you try reading the documentation - this is all explained in the provided User guide, with further details in the Advanced User guide.


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Here are my user functions:

function P51D_Battery_On ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Battery1Switch", 1)

function P51D_Battery_Off ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Battery1Switch", 0)

function P51D_Engine_Start_On ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_StarterSwitch", "1")

function P51D_Engine_Start_Off ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_StarterSwitch", "0")

function P51_EnginePrime_On ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_PrimerSwitch", "1")

function P51_EnginePrime_Off ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_PrimerSwitch", "0")

function P51D_Emergency_LandingGearFairing_Closed ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:EmergencyGearLever", "0")
--ipc.writeLvar ("L:LandingGearEmergencyHandle", "0")
--ipc.writeLvar ("L:LandingGearEmergencyHandlePast", "0")

function P51D_Emergency_LandingGearFairing_Open ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:EmergencyGearLever", "1")
--ipc.writeLvar ("L:LandingGearEmergencyHandle", "1")
--ipc.writeLvar ("L:LandingGearEmergencyHandlePast", "1")

function P51D_FuelCutoffSwitch_On ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelCutOffSwitch", "1")

function P51D_FuelCutoffSwitch_Off ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelCutOffSwitch", "0")

function P51D_Fuel_Fuselage ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelSelector", "1")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51State", "0")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51", "0")

function P51D_Fuel_LeftWing ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelSelector", "2")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51State", "1")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51", "20")

function P51D_Fuel_RightWing ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelSelector", "3")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51State", "2")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51", "80")

function P51D_Fuel_LeftDrop ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelSelector", "4")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51State", "3")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51", "60")

function P51D_Fuel_RightDrop ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:Eng1_FuelSelector", "5")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51State", "4")
ipc.writeLvar ("L:FSelP51", "40")

function P51D_DropLeft_Tank ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:DropTankLeftReleaseKey", "1")
ipc.sleep (2000)
ipc.writeLvar ("L:DropTankLeftReleaseKey", "0")

function P51D_DropRight_Tank ()
ipc.writeLvar ("L:DropTankRightReleaseKey", "1")
ipc.sleep (2000)
ipc.writeLvar ("L:DropTankRightReleaseKey", "0")

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