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Crash-to-desktop from P3D with FSUIPC 6.1.9

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I am trying to isolate a crash-to-desktop from P3D with FSUIPC 6.1.9 (Registered) on an up to date W11 Pro system. An FSUIPC6 logfile (with LogWeather=Yes, LogExtras=Yes and Debug=Please) is attached below.

I have a scenario that causes this reproducibly. Using the P3D default flight scenario (default scenery/airport, default aircraft, fair weather). Then with the simulator running, using P3D menus, I tell P3D to NAVIGATION->GOTO AIRPORT->'Ascension Island (active runway)'. P3D will CTD within about 10 seconds of placing a running sim at that location. That isn't the only location involved, I just use that one for consistency of testing.

Important to note, is that by using FSUIPC NoWeatherAtAll=Yes the CTD is avoided and P3D runs fine. However, for other reasons, I don't want to run in NoWeatherAtAll mode. I have cleared out all .wx files in 'AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V5' and WXStationList.BIN is removed. However, still a CTD without NoWeatherAtAll=Yes.

Noteable is that when the CTD occurs, a 'Weather Read Request (Nr Station) to area 5...' is typically in the last millisecond or so of the running FSUIPC log file before the CTD.

The Windows Event logs seem to have nothing of interest at the time of CTDs. Suggestions as to next steps would be very much appreciated please.

Many thanks,



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This has been resolved, with the following repair. Perhaps something weather related was broken outside of the .wx and weather station files.

Windows -> Settings -> Apps -> Prepar3D v5 Professional -> "..." -> Modify -> Repair

Important to note, this wasn't the Client App entry, but the "Prepar3D v5 Professional" App entry.

Once this was complete, all test scenarios here with a P3D CTD on changing airport were resolved.



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