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MSFS FSUIPC 7 latest release and key bindings not working until FSUIPC restart


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My FSUIPC program loads automatically and goes to the background as intended. I have recently noticed that the key bindings do not work properly and aren't taken into account until I exit FSUIPC and reload the program, then after a few seconds it all goes back to work as it should. I don't recall doing anything or installing anything that may have caused a problem or change. Have you come accross this matter before?. It is particularly noticeable with key assignments to the Bravo Throttle and used with the PMDG B737 and Maddog.

I am using the latest official MSFS version with the latest FSUIPC version.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

All the best for this new year!.

Christian C./

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17 hours ago, chconesa said:

Have you come accross this matter before?

No, but it sounds like a timing issue - you have to wait a 20-30 seconds (or longer for complex aircraft) for everything to initialise and start-up. Everything will be ready once the message in the FSUIPC7 main window changes to indicate the number of lvars, hvars and presets available.

If that is not the issue, then I will need to see you FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log files, the latter generated with logging for Buttons & Keys as well as Events activated, Load an aircraft, reproduce the issue, exit FSUIPC7 and then attach those files.

Note that there are some changes to key handling in the next version of FSUIPC7, which will be released once I have had time to update the documentation. I have attached it below if you would like to try this version.



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Thank you for your reply. It was enough for me to post in this forum for the whole thing to work fine... If I come across the problem described above again, I will make sure that I send you the files requested.

Christian C./

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I cannot open those files - I get a data error.

And why is the log file so large anyway? If you are just logging Buttons & Keys and Events, loading an aircraft and pressing a few assigned keys (which aren't working, and then exiting, the log file should be no where near that size. So can you please try again, and just use the default windows Compress to zip file option to compress.

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