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VC switches with 2 positions using Presets/RotorBrake


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Can I ask a question as a relevant novice - I have successfully mapped lots of controls for Fenix, PMDG and A310 using Presets and the mobiflight events.txt file but I can’t work out how to map multi position switches like A320/A310 Landing and Taxi lights. I can only have them mapped to discrete positions (On/Off, Take-Off/Off) when I want the HOTAS switch to mimic the mouse (eg first taxi light click goes from Off to taxi, next click Taxi to Take off).

I used to do this in P3D by using the logger to spot the 5 digit ROTORBRAKE code that the mouse was doing then program that in. But it doesn’t seem to log anything in the Fenix or A310 when I use the mouse on these VC switches.

any tips?



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For the PMDG  aircraft, using the Rotor Brake control, you can only send mouse operations as the parameter. Rather than using the Rotor Brake control, you can use custom control numbers instead. Using these, you can also use mouse operations as the parameter (for parameter values >= 0x2000 / 8192) but you can also set the value directly, when the parameter is < 8192. See 


For the Fenix, looking at the presets they are using lvars, not Rotor Brake controls, so you won't see anything logged. You need to list the lvar values, and see how they change when you operate the switches in the VC (i.e. list the values before and after you operate a switch). If you know what lvars are being used, you can also add those lvars to a free fsuipc offset, and use FSUIPC's offset monitoring facilities to log the lvar changes.

I don't have the Fenix, so can't help much further with that - you can use the MF HubHob site (https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/) to see the calculator code for the presets which should tell you how they are implemented - with lvars, hvars or controls/events.


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