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PMDG 737 Park Break Doesn't work 100% correctly anymore using the offset 0x0BC8


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Since the latest updates from PMDG 737, the offset (0x0BC8-parking break set/reset) doesn't work properly anymore for controlling/setting parking break sw on the throttle quadrant. Previously, setting this value to 0, park break off, and then back to 32767 park break on while holding the rudder pedals worked fine. Now, when you hold the rudder pedals, you have to write to the offset multiple times (exactly twice) and you write the values in opposite logic: 0-park break on, 32767-park break off. I also noticed that writing this offset now triggers rudder pedals break. I have no idea what's the correct way now to set the throttle park break sw on the throttle. 

Any help be appreciated.

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PMDG recently fixed the parking brake, but this fix seems to have actually broken it for many users - see this post: 


I am not sure what they have done (have not had time to look into this in detail yet), but I certainly cannot change the functionality at offset 0x0BC8 as that is a general offset for all aircraft. For now, I suggest you check the PMDG forums for information about this issue. I will look into this further when time permits...


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For the PMDG parking brake, you should use either:
   2. The Rotor Brake control with parameter 69301 for off and 69302 for on
   3. Custom control 70325 with parameter 0 for off and 1 for on

If you need to use offsets, you can use:
  1. Offset 0x7C50 for triggering presets
  2. Offset 0x3110 for sending controls
  3. Offset 0x3110 for sending controls


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I have looked into this further. The following macros work for me consistently:

1.1=C66387,16383 ; Left brake fully on
1.2=C66388,16383 ; Right brake fully on
1.3=C1152, 2500 ; Pause for 2.5s 
1.4=C70325,1 ; Set Parking brake on
1.5=C1152, 1000 ; Pause for 1s 
1.6=C66387,-16383 ; Left brake fully off
1.7=C66388,-16383 ; Right brake fully off
2.1=C66387,16383 ; Left brake fully on
2.2=C1152, 1000 ; Pause for 1s
2.3=C66387,-16383 ; Left brake fully off

You can use offset 0x0D70 for macro requests.


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