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SET_STARTER1_HELD with Helicopters FlyInside B-206 / B-47

Ron Attwood

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Which aircraft are you using?

43 minutes ago, Ron Attwood said:

Actually, in MSFS it's called SET_STARTER1_HOLD. Would E for O be the cause?

No - in the SDK, the key event for this is defined as (in gauges.h):

#define KEY_SET_STARTER1_HELD                    (KEY_ID_MIN + 1471)

and an error would be reported if "SET_STARTER1_HELD" was not a valid key string.

Some events work when assigned in MSFS but not when used via the SDK, and this can be aircraft dependent.  So, let me know which aircraft you are using and I can check - if I have the a/c. You could also try the Magneto controls to see if they work.


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You should also try the standard method to determine what control to use: activate logging for Events, open the logging console window (Log->Open Console), set the starter in the VC and see what control/event (if anything) and parameter are logged, and if so, try using that.

For the B-47 G, there is also a preset available: Starter Collective Switch (Starter Switch On Collective Lever) - although maybe that is different, I am not familiar with helicopter controls.

Generally, to determine what to use for controlling any switch or control, you should, in the following order):
   1. Use logging first, and if anything logged, try that.
   2. Check any SDK/ custom controls available for the aircraft (third party)
   3. Check if any MF presets are available (see https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/) - these are available for assignment by checking the Select for preset box
   4. List the lvars and see if any look appropriate, then try using them using the Add-ons->WASM->Set Lvar menu option. If that works, you can then use that (see the Advanced User guide on how to use lvars).

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  • John Dowson changed the title to SET_STARTER1_HELD with Helicopters FlyInside B-206 / B-47

Did you try the preset I mentioned, or is that for something else? Did you not see anything in the logging console when you set the started in the virtual cockpit?
You should ay least get familiar with logging to determine controls/events used, and how to search for and use presets. Both of these things are (or should be!) quite easy to use...

But there is also no problem mixing assignments between  MSFS and FSUIPC7. Use wharever works.

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4 minutes ago, Ron Attwood said:

I can't make head nor tail of this.

Of what?

4 minutes ago, Ron Attwood said:

Brakes aren't even assigned in this profile. I feel I'm just digging a bigger 'stupid' hole for myself.

What have brakes got to do with this?

Can you please explain what your issue is if you would like me to assist you...


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Just looked at your log file. Brake controls/events are logged as this is what FSUIPC is seeing - doesn't mean that they are assigned in FSUIPC.  Every event that is used/seen by simconnect is logged, depending on the logging you have activated in FSUIPC. As you have logging for Axes Controls activated, that is what is logged. If you are trying to determine the events for buttons and switches, you should turn off/uncheck logging for Axes Controls, and set/check logging for Events.

Your log also shows no presets loaded:


      156 0 Calculator Code presets have been loaded and are available for use

Did you delete or not install the events.txt file? This is the file that holds the MF presets. You can either download it from https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/ using the Export Presets button (you need to create an account, if you don't already have one, and login to be able to do this). Alternatively, re-install FSUIPC7 with the events.txt file.


Later: you can use the attached one - save it to your FSUIPC7 installation folder and restart FSUIPC7 and you should see 9509 presets: events.txt

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