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FSUICP6 where is the register code found

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Your registration key is the one in the SimMarket email, and also available from your SimMarket account. All three fields of the registration details (name, address, key) must exactly match the ones specified in your purchase email and SimMarket account - best to copy and paste your details.

If you have entered the details correctly, then it could be that your VC++ redistibutables need updating. You can download the latest combined redistributable package from the following site:
It is recommended to uninstall any of the 2015, 2017, 2019 or 2022 VC++ redistubutables that you already have installed (using the Windows App management panel), and download and install/run both the x86 and x64 packages from that link.


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7 hours ago, Bob Faison said:

do i need to installed WideFS?

You only need to install the WideClient component of WideFS on a client computer if toy want to run FSUIPC client programs on that computer.

7 hours ago, Bob Faison said:

i purchased the Captain Airbus Throttle kit and trying to bind them do have a link for direction on how to install?

How to install what?
I cannot give advice on setting-up/configuring specific controllers in FSUIPC- that is why I provide documentation - start with the User guide.
If you have any difficulties I can answer specific questions, but please check the documentation first, and also check/search this forum - most questions have already been asked and answered. If you get stuck you can post a question - but not in this topic. Please either find a relevant/related topic or create a new one, and give it a relevant title. If it is assignment related, also specify the aircraft for which you are trying to configure (as well as what you have already tried).


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