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Throttles problem after upgrade 7.3.11 -> 7.3.16

Sunny Andonov

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I have decided to upgrade my FSUIPC from 7.3.11 to the latest version 7.3.16 and suddenly my throttles got messed up after upgrade. I can confirm this problem in the PMDG 737. The axis for the throttles are visually reversed and the ranges are not working in full extent but rather start in the middle. Something more interesting is that my throttles are assigned in MSFS and not in FSUIPC. I am not sure what FSUIPC is doing in this case but the moment I reverse back to FSUIPC 7.3.11 the problem is gone and my throttles are working normally. Any help would be appreciated.

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This will be due to FSUIPC's calibration. This was disabled when assigned outside of FSUIPC in version 7.3.9 (due to an SDK change), but then re-enabled in version 7.3.13.
You should update to 7.3.16 and then remove the throttle calibration in FSUIPC. To do this, go into the axes assignment panel, go the the Joystick Calibration tab, check the Profile Specific checkbox (if using a profile for the PMDG 737, which you really should), then click the Reset button on either the Throttle calibration on page 1 and/or the separate throttle calibrations on page 3.

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