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Limiting speed PMDG 737

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47 minutes ago, Carlos Espinosa said:

since I installed FSUIPC ON P3D V5, It's limiting the speed on this airplane, I uninstall it and the speed was back to normal, I installed it again and again speed was limited.

FSUIPC only does what you ask it to do....
If the speed is limited, this could be because the flaps or spoilers are deployed. Try activating logging for Events and Axes Controls, to see if you see anything logged that could be limiting the speed (i.e. do this with the logging console window open and see what is logged in real-time). You can also attach your FSUIPC6.log file here and I will take a look. Please exit FSUIPC/P3D before attaching you log, and it will probably be quite large and so need zipping/compressing. Also, attach your FSUIPC6.ini file.

47 minutes ago, Carlos Espinosa said:

Any ideas on how to set up this on the FSUIPC? v6 btw.

Not sure what this means...for many/most switches in the PMDG 737, you need to use custom controls - see 

Additional offsets (read-only) are also provided for the PMDG 737 (once activated) - see the provided documentation (Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX and 737NGXu).


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