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What do you see when you hit the rescan button? Do the MOVE LEVER labels change to Joy# and Axis# and show a joystick id and axes letter? If so, an axes change was detected - if this isn't the one you are moving, click the Ignore Axis button and that axis will be ignored until you close the axis assignment dialog. Sometimes a jittering axis can prevent the axis you are trying to be assigned from being detected.

If that is not the case, please explain what you see in that box (e.g. do the MOVE LEVER labels change? Is a joystick number and axis letter registered, and if so what?)and attach your FSUI{C7.ini file.

Didn't you also post in the main support forum saying that you had registered in the installer but FSUIPC was unregistered? Was that for a different version of FSUIPC?

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I was able to get the axis to be recognized after getting in the cockpit and turning on the aircraft then re running the AFC Bridge exe. Also I installed FSUIPC7. One icon on desktop has the logo with MSFS under it and just wants to open fsx even though it's in game. I went into the FSUIPC folder and ran the application and it then said register. So strange. It was just C:/FSUIPC for install path. 

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The AFC Bridge is only for the lights on the Bravo, and shouldn't affect the Axes. At least it was - I haven't looked at this for a while (and don't use it). There are also other ways to get the lights to work with FSUIPC.

8 hours ago, abh_jc_03 said:

One icon on desktop has the logo with MSFS under it and just wants to open fsx even though it's in game.

Yes - that icon only displays a splash screen and starts MSFS. It doesn't start FSUIPC7 - that is done by MSFS itself, if you selected the auto-start component during installation. To start FSUIPC only, you can just double-click the FSUIPC7.ese in windows explorer.

If auto-start isn't working, see the FAQ section - there is a topic there on this subject.

You can assign to the Honeycomb axes without MSFS running, but only in the general section (i.e. not in an aircraft-specific profile) and this also has other limitations, so always better to have MSFS running when assigning axes. 

And I suggest you read some of the documentation - the Installation and Registration guide to start with, and the User guide. You should at least be familiar with those documents, and also check the documentation (as well as searching this forum) before asking for support. I get the same questions all the time from new FSUIPC users...it would save everyone time if they read the provided documentation and used (i.e. searched, not post) the forums for similar issues.

What was your issue with the Assignments menu not being present (i.e. registration valid in installer but not registered when running FSUIPC7)? You haven't responded in your other post - can I take it that this is solved and delete that post (as if it is for FSUIPC7, its in the wrong place) ?

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