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Autosave on landing or just before touch down.


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Hello the Dawsons or to whom can assist

I been using your program for quite sometimes and paid my way from the early days of FSX.
Great work and been having little issue and hope there is a solution to this one

The issue with the autosave especially the B737 some other aircraft that a study level in MSFS2020 do the same. but most significant noticeable on PMDG B73series.
Will freeze msfs2020 up to 8-10 seconds. This i have learned to adapt too,

I have the issue when about to touchdown it decides to autosave it pauses and then will resume you no choice but to slam it into the ground.
No good if your on a Virtual airline. anything to high is a fail. especially after a long flight

My question
Is there a way when you get below lets say Altitude of 1500ft or set what you wish for the autosave not to save when on landing 
that is not ground??
Lately it is autosaving just before touching down doing this at flare is not ideal. Unlucky yes. 
Experienced this 3 time in past 5 days.

Note: i have it set to autosave every 15 minutes

Thanks in advance i hope i hear from some with a genuine answer.
Hope this understandable

Kind regards


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There is an auto-save toggle control called Auto-save Toggle (1151) that can toggle the auto-save feature on and off. once activated. You can either toggle this manually (or on gear up/down), or you could write a simple lua script that monitors the plane altitude (using event.offset on offset 0x0570) relative to the ground altitude (offset 0x0020) and then toggles the auto-save off when the difference between these two values is < 1500ft and back on again when > 1500ft. If you want to try that, I can help if you have any issues. Give it a go and show me the lua if you have any issues.


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