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"Assignments" doesn't show on FSUIPC7


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After download and installation FSUIPC7, There is no "ASSIGNMENTS" button. So i can't set the b737 fuel cutoff lever for msfs2020.

please see the pitcure and advise me how can i fix this problem. 



no assigment.png

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Assignment facilities are only available in a registered/licensed version. If you don't have a license, and want to try these facilities, there is a trial license available in a post oat the top of this forum. If you have a license, you need to register it at the end of the installation process.


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I have another probelm. 

yesterday, i downloaded another program for EFIS CONTROL PANEL (different company product)

after that, 737 fuel cutoff lever is not working. 


so , i uninstalled the FSUIPC7 program, and installed again.

But still fuel cutoff lever is not recognized on BUTTON AND SW Assignmens.

i moved fuel cutoff lever, but FSUIPC7 BUTTON AND SW Assignmens does respond.

How can i fix this problem. 


For your informaiton, FSUIPC7 Message is 

"Welcome to FSUIPC, 1941 Lvars loaded, 0 hvars loaded, 10888 presets available."


please let me know. 





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18 hours ago, Song said:

I have another probelm. 

Then please raise another topic. This topic is for '"Assignments" doesn't show on FSUIPC7' which is solved. It is not your personal support thread.

Please raise separate issues if you have problems, and when you do this please also attach the files I need to see to understand your issue, which is usually the FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC7.ini files.



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