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FSUIPC 7.3.21 some controlls work, others dont


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Today I installed the payware version of FSUIPC7, everything went fine, installation, registration, all as expected, but in FS2020, for buttons as well as axes, some assignments work and some dont, while the settings are the same for each button.

For example: I got to Assignments>Button&Switch, click a button on a controller, lets say, the 4-position switch on my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, I push up and FSUIPC registers Joy# A - Btn# 32 (all controllers are properly recognised), I check the box for 'Select for FS control', and under 'Control sent when button pressed', I enter 'View Up'. When I go back to the cockpit and press the button, there's no response. Same goes for the other 3 positions with 'View Down', 'View Left' and 'View Right' and others. However, when I do the same (same button on the yoke used, as well as a button on the CH Throttle Quadrant) with the command 'Flaps Incr', it works fine, same as a lot of other commands.

I've done this hundreds of times before, for FSX and P3D and I never seen this happen before.

I uninstalled FSUIPC, removed leftover files, and reinstalled from a new download from this forum. Then I repaired FS2020 and tried again. Far as I can tell, the same functions as before work fine and the same functions as before dont work at all. I installed FS2020 yesterday, so everything should be up to date. Windows11 is updated, controller drivers and software, Geforce driver, motherboard drivers, etc... Everything driver related has been checked. There's not much other software on the computer besides P3Dv4 with no addons (yet), and World of Warcraft.

I've looked for an ini-file (explorer search), but non is found. Log is attached.

Some help getting this figured out is much appreciated.


Cheers! Maarten


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From the README.txt document (included in the zip file you downloaded) - I will update this as documentation is now available (and has been for a while):


Currently no documentation on what key events/controls from the SimConnect API are actually working.
Many do not currently work. These include:
   - events for view control
   - events for slew control
   - events for weather

For view and slew control, you can assign in MSFS or assign in FSUIPC7 but to the default key assignments
used for view/slew control in MSFS.


I have my hat assigned to send the default keys for view control that are assigned in MSFS. See the following article for a  description of the view controls and default key assignments: 


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