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Help with PMDG 737 Offset Syntax


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As per offset page 8 of your "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737-700" manual, I am trying to read the powered status of AC Transfer Bus 1. I believe you have it in spot 7 of offset 64D6. I am just wondering the syntax for how I would call a function when it changes, and also read its value within that function.

Something along the lines of:

function NAME(offset, value)

 -- need syntax to read bit 7 from 64D6


event.offset(0x64D6, "UB", "NAME")

Many thanks


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12 hours ago, vanislepilot said:

 -- need syntax to read bit 7 from 64D6

To do this you use the Logic library, e.g
   bit7 = logic.And(value, 0x80) -- bit 7 = 2^7 = 128 = 0x80

However, looking at offset 64D6, it is an array of 16 bytes/booleans, not bits, so you do not need bitwise logic. 
Just set your event on byte 7, i.e. 0x64D6 + 7 = 0x64DD, so
    event.offset(0x64DD, "UB", "NAME")


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