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Trying to get it to work after install.

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I have MSFS and recently purchased the latest version of the "Replay" product.  I am a bit confused because much seems to be related to PD3.  In order to get the icon in my title bar I had to replace the PD3 folder that had installed in my community folder with the MSFS one as per your instruction booklet.  I loaded the B787 and activated the icon but when I try to record nothing happens.  A dialogue at the bottom of the display says "recording..." but the red button does not turn green.  After several minutes I pressed the "stop" button but it doesn't respond nor prompt me to save my file.  Of course when I try to "load" or "replay", nothing happens.  Is it because I get this error about Simconnect everytime I try to activate the program from my desktop to set up options?  I tried to send an image but was not able.  The dialog pops up saying "FlightControlReplay Simulator connection failed or SimConnect is not properly installed"

This makes no sense because I am able to use Little NavMap which requires Simconnect and I am able to use MSFS which automatically uses simconnect.  Is this some confusion between that which is required for PD3 vs MSFS?   I need some help.  I just purchased this but can't yet use it.

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