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On you new computer, first update to the latest combined VC++ redistributables (See Installation guide on how to do this)). After installing MSFS, run  MSFS at least once before installing FSUIPC7. Once you have installed FSUIPC7 (you can skip registration), you should copy the following files across from your old computer's FSUIPC7 installation folder to the new one: 
     FSUIPC7.key - your registration details
     FSUIPC7.ini - your settings:
and any/all of the following files if you are using them:
    *.lua - any lua files you use
    *.mcro - any macro files that you may use
    *.dll - any additionallibraries/drivers that you way use
    Profiles\*.ini - profile files when using profiles-in-separate-files

That should be all.

However, when moving your controllers to the new PC, you may find that they are given new ids or GUIDs. FSUIPC7 will handle the case of new ids, if using the joyletters facility (which is enabled by default), but some manual changes to your FSUIPC7.ini may be needed if your GUIDs change. If this is the case, you can post/attach your FSUIPC7.ini and an FSUIPC7.log file from your new PC here and I will take a look and correct forr you.


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