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FSUIPC files without the executable installer

Andres van Goozen

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Currently on my laptop (company laptop) they dont allow software without being validated to be installed.
As the software is unrecognised app, i know small development parties dont pay to get it Recognised and being considered trusted.

So in the passed i know we have FSUIPC in a zip files and you only have to copy the files manually to the right folder.

Do you have this for FSUIPC7 as well? so without the installer?


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2 minutes ago, Andres van Goozen said:

Do you have this for FSUIPC7 as well? so without the installer?

No. The installer is needed as, it also needs to update the MSFS EXE.xml file to add the auto-start of FSUIPC7 with MSFS. The installer also updates the windows registry (with the installed location paths) and generates the uninstaller.

However, you can install manually if required. I can, as a one off, provide you with 3 zip files - one for FSUIPC7, one for the FSUIPC7 WASM module and one for the FSUIPC7 documentation. It would be up to you to manually modify the MSFS EXE.xml to enable auto-start. However, this would be a one off- I will not be making such zip files available on each release of FSUIPC7.

Let me know if you want to provide you with the 3 zip files, but it may take me a few days to put these together.


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