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Resolved: Some PMDG 737 LVARs/Offsets Functionality broken?


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  • vanislepilot changed the title to Resolved: Some PMDG 737 LVARs/Offsets Functionality broken?
On 9/8/2023 at 3:16 AM, vanislepilot said:

are the 64D6 ELEC_BusPowered[16] offsets no longer returning the appropriate value?

Which bit/bits? Or do you mean all 16 bits?

Can you try logging that offset using FSUIPC's offset logging facilities (as UB16 in hex). What values do you see?
I can see 0 when cold and dark, and this changes to 0x101 (which is DC HOT BATT and AC TRANSFER 2 only powered) when started. I can't seem to get this value to change once started, but I am not that familiar with the 737 (especially the electrical system). Could you explain what you are doing and what you are expecting to see? And if this was previously working, do you know what version of the PMDG 737 you were previously using? The current/latest version is 3.0.72.

Note also that FSUIPC just receives this data from the PMDG SDK. I have checked the previous offsets (0x64BC and 0x64C9) and these seem to be ok. So if this is an issue, I can only report to PMDG. You can also ask about this in the PMSG forums - it is the ELEC_BusPowered variable of the PMDG_NG3_Data structure provided by the PMDG SDK that provides this data.




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On 9/8/2023 at 3:16 AM, vanislepilot said:

Looks like this was an issue with LVars not loading currently. Working fine now.

What do you mean by this? Lvars are independent from the PMDG offsets. Even if you uninstalled the FSUIPC WASM module (to disable access to lvars) the PMDG offsets would still be available and populated (once activated)..

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