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Need help getting software purchased for FSUIPC6 for P3Dv4&5

Christy Dunham

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13 minutes ago, Christy Dunham said:

We purchased 15 licenses.  Is the key you sent for 15 activations or is the key for just one of the 15 licenses?  If the later, can you please send over the other 14 keys. 

You have purchased 15 licenses, so you can use that license in up to 15 installations, for 15 distinct users,  None-commercial license are user based, so one license is valid for one user (in multiple installations).

I am not sure what your use is - maybe you require commercial licenses? Commercial licenses are per seat, with unlimited users per seat. For commercial licenses, you need to contact me and specify your requirements as the price varies depending upon actual use.

You currently have 15 user licenses, so valid for 15 distinct (and fixed/named) users.


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Just now, Christy Dunham said:

Since Catharine is no longer with us, how do we go about changing the registration to another user or a general SAIC email?

The name/email doesn't really matter - they are not used for anything apart from validating the key. So there is really no need to change this.

As your license purchase states for 15 users, you can just go-ahead and install this for up to 15 (distinct) users. If you have 15 seats but a rotating user base, you would need 15 commercial seat licenses, not the standard user license. As I said, commercial licenses depend upon use. It would be helpful to me if you could clarify your use for these 15 licenses.


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I talked with the team and we are going to need to purchase 10 commercial licenses.  Can you please send me a quote for 10 commercial licenses?  Above you said the price varies based on actual use.  I may need to pull in our tech administrator to the convo so please let me know the best way you would like to communicate on the commercial licenses.  It will be a different purchase from the 15 licenses we already purchased.

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