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In VB.Net I'm trying to read L:A32NX_PNEU_ENG_1_REGULATED_TRANSDUCER_PRESSURE (and nr2) through FSUIPC. I declared it in FSUIPC7.ini as


If I list the Lvars in FSUIPC7 (A32NX_PNEU_ENG_1_REGULATED_TRANSDUCER_PRESSURE = 39.017968), I can see they have values of about 40 (PSI). But if I read them in VB.Net, they turn op 0. Also in FSInterrogate.




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Why are you using offset 0xA350/0xA358? Those are in an area documented as Reserved. Not sure what that offset area is reserved for without checking, but can first try with offsets free for general use. If you get the same issue, please attach your FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log files, the latter generated with WAPI debug level logging activated, as well as offset monitoring for the offsets you are using. Just load the aircraft, list the lvars, then exit.

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Hello John, I now read the values through 


But they both show '0', though if I list the LVars, it shows:




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17 hours ago, SpiekerHoiting said:

AxA000 is mentioned in the FSUIPC7 user guide..

Yes,   of course, but if you look at the offset status guide, you will see:

0xA000 512
0xA200 3584 Reserved

i.e. there are 512 bytes available starting at offset 0xA000, so 0xA000 - 0xA1FF. The ones you are using are in the reserved area, and I cannot predict the behavior when using such offsets. Please always check the Offset Status document when using offsets.

15 hours ago, SpiekerHoiting said:

I think I found it: I declared them twice..

Yes, this is the issue:




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