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Can't figure out Lua Error


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7 hours ago, DrDave- said:

I can't for the life of me figure out why.

I took a look at your Lua script and think you have the following syntax errors:

1. On Notepad++ lines 62, 66, 83, and 87 the ipc.writeLvar statements like this: ipc.writeLvar(FSUIPC_C510_Ignition_1", 1) apparently have the wrong type of opening quote character ( a curly quote instead of a straight quote? ) before FSUIPC_. Use the same type of straight quote character as you use for the closing quote after the _1. The similar writeLvar statements on lines 156, 161, 179 and 183 seem to be OK.

2. Line 250:  Lua file path syntax requires the statement ipc.runlua("C:\FSUIPC7\2-loglvars.lua") needs to use double back slashes ( \\ ) like this: ipc.runlua("C:\\FSUIPC7\\2-loglvars.lua"). I think a single back slash in Lua is reserved for escape characters.

3. Your local function Check_N1_S1() is missing an end statement. You need one end to close the function, one for the while do , and one for the if statement.

Good luck,


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