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MSFSVariableService broken?

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First of all thanks for this nice FSUIPC c# client. Normally it works without any problem.

I'm programming an interface for a home cockpit. So I often need to scan LVARs or changes of them. I thought that the MSFSVariableService is exactly what I am looking for. After copying most of the code from the Example Code (V1.4) it didn't work (LVAR list empty even if .Init(), .Start(), .Reload() was called). Therefore I executed the example code .exe. Seems to be the exact same problem:

(after clicking on "Log LVars")

[INFO]: **** Starting FSUIPC7 WASM Interface (WAPI) version 0.9.0 (WASM version 0.9.0)
[INFO]: Connected to MSFS
[INFO]: We have 000 lvars:

All comboboxes and textfields are empty.


Tested with FlyByWire A320Neo.

FSUIPC -> Add-ons -> WASM -> List Lvars

works as expected.

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10 hours ago, Godehardt2003 said:
[INFO]: **** Starting FSUIPC7 WASM Interface (WAPI) version 0.9.0 (WASM version 0.9.0)

You seem to be using an old version of the WASM/WAPI - latest version is:


   133609   [INFO]: **** Starting FSUIPC7 WASM Interface (WAPI) version 1.0.3 (WASM version 1.0.2) using connection -1

In later version of the WASM/WAPI, you don't need to reload as lvars are automatically pushed to clients when discovered.

Presumably there is a later version of Pauls';s ,Net client dll that can be used (probably using WAPI 1.0.2), so you should update. And update your WASM version (and FSUIPC) to the latest version before anything else.


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You are absolutely right. I thought updating FSUIPC is sufficient and completely forgot, that your DLL was also updated...

My WASM module was on version 1.0.2 (manifest.json) but with the old FSUIPC_WAPID.dll it logged 0.9.0 🤷‍♂️.

After switching to the new DLL it worked instantly and logged 1.0.2.


Thanks a lot for your quick help

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