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radio com problems with fsx

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How am I supposed to help you when you provide no information as to what your problem actually is?

Please explain what your problem is, and also attach your FSUIPC4.ini and FSUIPC4.log files.

However, before anything else, please update to the latest version of FSUIPC4, which is 4.977. Only the latest version is supported.


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3 hours ago, daniele68 said:

i use the OFFSET $0304E

Presume you mean 034E or 0x034E. Maybe you have configured to use the wrong offset?

How are you actually using this offset? I do not see any assignments using this offset in your ini. Please explain how this offset is being used, and by what.

There are also no annotations/comments in your ini, even though Annotate=Yes is set, which is strange.

3 hours ago, daniele68 said:

after the change of the FQZ on vatsim the Radio doesn't permit me to change to the ATc fqz with 5.5

Then this must be an issue with the update - FSUIPC hasn't changed. You need to see what has changed in the FQZ - maybe try VatSim support?

You could try logging offset 0x034E using FSUIPC's offset logging facilities log as  U16 in hex and send to the FS Title bar. You should then be able to see what the offset is holding.


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1 hour ago, daniele68 said:

i am using IFLY2_FSUIPC3 

Now I am confused...your initial message stated '' i use FSUIPC 4.90 with fsx?

The file you attached is a SIOC config file (from opencockpits.com) and shows that it is using offset 034E:


Var 250, Link FSUIPC_OUT, name fcom1, Offst $034E, Length 2 // COM1 Active 

As I said, try logging that offset. I am pretty sure that that will be holding the correct value, and if you write to it then the active Com1 frequency will be updated.

If this was previously working, what has changed? Are you running all your software with the same privileges, i.e. all as admin or all without admin? Everything must be ran at the same level to enable communication.

I don't think your issue is anything to do with FSUIPC. You need to determine what has changed and correct this - either with the vatsim client or your SIOC config. I cannot help with either of these.


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