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What do you mean by 'no longer  recognises my numbers'? Id you have already validated yout license once and generated your FSUIPC7.key file, there is no need to validate again, although doing this should do no harm.

7 hours ago, ZK-1B said:

Can you offer a suggestion?

Yes - read the section on Invalid Key Problems in the Installation and Registration guide. If that doesn't solve your issue, please explain why you need to re-register and let me know your FSUIPC7 order number and I can check the details here.

But if has previously worked, it should still work. You are either entering the details incorrectly or you need to install/update your VC++ combined redistibutable package (if this is a new PC),


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@ZK-1BWhy did you post your key details? Sharing or posting key details in a public forum invalidates your license, as anyone can then  copy these and use them. Isn't this obvious? This is why I asked for your ORDER NUMBER. With that, I can look up your key details.

You don't seem to have read my previous comment at all...Did you read the documentation as advised? Did you update your VC++ redistributables? That WILL be your issue...


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