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FSUIPC4.977 on Win 10

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Hello. I had to do a recovery for my Windows 10 and of course, re-install everything. As such, I re-installed FSX and FSUIPC4. I had seen this issue on another Win 10 PC but ignored it. This time, I would like to know what is happening. I assigned accordingly:

2=73,8,x610066C0,x00010009     -{I: Press=offset byte cyclic dec, offset 66C0 (Decr=9, Limit=1) }-
4=79,8,x510066C0,x00010009     -{O: Press=offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66C0 (Incr=9, Limit=1) }-

However, "I" actually increments the value of 66C0 and "O" actually resets 66C0 to 0(zero). I've included the FSUIPC4.ini and FSUIPC4.log

How do I fix this? Thank you.


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Try logging offset 0x66C0 - this is an offset designated as 'free for general use', so you must have something else writing to that offset. Also activate logging for buttons & keys, and this will show you what is happening when you trigger those key assignments.

Also the limits set in those assignments don't look correct. What values is that offset holding? A lower limit of 1 when decrementing looks ok, but not when incrementing you need to set the upper limit. And you are incrementing and decrementing by 9, which also seems strange...


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Hello. Thank you for your reply. I am using logging, that is how I know it that the keys were not working properly. You are correct,, I went through FSUIPC directly, not modifying FSUIPC.ini and in Parameter: I typed 9/1. I corrected this in the FSUIPC.ini and I can now see the Parameter is 1/9. I'll remember this in the future. It's strange, to me, that even though I had selected decrementing for the letter I, that incrementing was counting  up by one, to nine. In any case, the inc/dec function is working properly. Thank you!

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