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Installation and running errors


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With increasing years nothing seems to be getting easier 😉

OK, I downloaded the software. Install seemed logical, but when I put in the registration code I get an error warning and the reg code is refused. So "I skip" - I did pay 23€ on the simmarket account and the registration key is visible.

I have uninstalled, turned off McAfee as far as it lets you - i.e. Firewall and scan off.  Re-downloaded and installed again. The same - reg key not valid

Now I have a new desktop icon that says MSFS but has an FSUIPC Icon overlaid. clicking that starts msfs. But once I am in the sim, I do not see any way to open the interface. I read the manual sort of... so pressing alt f opens a window with the message


  • Welcome to FSUIPC7, version 7.4.1
  • 0 Lvars, 0 hvars, 0 Input Events & 12334 presets available
  • ================================================


But there is no indication of where I can adjust and calibrate my controls.

What have I forgotten to do?

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You do not have access to the assignments menu as you are using an unregistered version. PLEASE read the provided documentation, namely the INVALID KEY SECTION of the Installation and Registration guide. Just update your VC++ redistributables, as indicated, and as already reported so often that I find it very difficult to answer such questions without being derogatory... 

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