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How do i detect aircraft model from different developers?

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Hi guys,

Am i trying to make my application detect different aircrafts. This is because different aircraft developed by different developers, uses different parking brake variable. Like PMDG, FENIX, and Flybywire, They use their own custom Lvars which i have to detect if i am using PMDG or fenix or FBW. Now, how do i able to detect if i am flying a fenix aircraft or pmdg aircraft or FBW aircraft? Hope to get some help. Thank you.

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You can get the 'title' of the aircraft (as specified in the aircraft.cfg file) from offset 0x3D00 (String of size 256).

That will probably give you enough info to differentiate aircraft from different developers.




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Is there anyway i can get or read the ui_createdby line?

Not from FSUIPC directly. You'll need to open the file in code and read through it until you find that line.

You can find the path to the aircraft.cfg file in offset 0x3C00 (Also string * 256).

In FSUIPC3 to 6, this contains the full path to the .air file. The aircraft.cfg will be in the same folder you just need to get the folder from the path and substitute the file name.

In FSUIPC7 the offset list seems to suggest this will be the aircraft.cfg instead, so you can probably just use it directly.


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