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Offsets changing after flight


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Hey there, I am no developer but I am in need of some guidance so that I can pass it on to the relevant people.

I fly for a virtual airline that uses FSUIPC to collect data for their ACARS system. The ACARS needs to validate you are using the correct aircraft, livery and registration before it will begin tracking any other data (let you start your flight basically). Now myself and some other users are facing an issue. After a flight has been concluded, the ACARS can no longer verify the same data it did before starting the flight. The offsets it uses to do this validation are 3148, 3160 and 313C.

FSUIPC logs the below for the outbound flight (correct info for ACARS to work)


197078 Monitor IPC:313C (AsciiZ) = [6] "G-TTNB"

197078 SimRead313C="ATC ID"

                    STR32: "G-TTNB"

197078 Monitor IPC:3160 (AsciiZ) = [6] "Airbus"

197078 SimRead:313C="ATC TYPE"

                    STR32: "Airbus"

197078 Monitor IPC:3148 (AsciiZ) = [9] "SPEEDBIRD"

197078 SimRead:313C="ATC AIRLINE"

                    STR32: "SPEEDBIRD"

Then this is what it logs once you've ended the flight and turned off the engines:


313 Monitor IPC:313C (AsciiZ) = [0] ""

313 Monitor IPC:3160 (AsciiZ) = [0] ""

313 Monitor IPC:3148 (AsciiZ) = [0] ""

If you restart the SIM session FSUIPC goes back to getting the correct data for the same offsets.

But in real terms this means you cannot do a true turnaround and is getting very annoying for those of us who use VATSIM and need to disconnect and reconnect etc.

Any ideas what might be happening here?





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3 hours ago, L.Cooper said:

Any ideas what might be happening here?

Those offsets hold the value of the simulator A-type variables:
    0x3160 - ATC TYPE
    0x313C - ATC ID
    0x3148 - ATC AIRLINE

If they are being reset to be empty strings, it is because FSUIPC7 is receiving this update from MSFS. This is probably because there is no ATC for the aircraft once the power is off....

There is nothing I can do about this - FSUIPC7 just shows the data as received from the FS. If the ACARS system still needs this information, it should make a copy and use that. You can even copy those offsets to other offsets, and if you only copy when non-empty then you will always have the last available values.




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