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Cant get FSUIPC to recognize my Virpil Throttle CM3 anymore


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*** Moved to FSUIPC7 / MSFS sub-forum ***

Title says it all, I can map the controls in MSFS but it wont be recognized anymore in FSUIPC.

(I remove mappings in MSFS before doing so in FSUIPC)

Updated to 7.4.2

Edited by John Dowson
Moved to FSUIPC7 support forum
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15 hours ago, Strikkflypilot said:

Title says it all,

Not really - but the title says 'anymore' -  does this mean that it was previously recognised? If so, what has changed?

Can you also please attach your FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC7.ini files and I will take a look.

15 hours ago, Strikkflypilot said:

(I remove mappings in MSFS before doing so in FSUIPC)

So you previously had working assignments in FSUIPC7? Are your axes/buttons on the throttle seen by FSUIPC7? i.e. can you see them in the assignments windows when moved/pressed? If so, I would suspect that there has been change in the registry which means that the name or GUIDs of your device have changed and the device has been recognised as a new device. Your files would help determine if this is the issue or not and if so it is easily corrected. 

Otherwise, please download the HidScanner tool, available from the Download Links -> Useful Additional Programs section  of this forum.  Run this and send me the output (together with your .ini and .log files).

Also worth checking the power management settings both on the device and on your USB Hubs - make sure power management is disabled.

P.S. I moved your post to the correct support forum for FSUIPC7


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