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msfs2020 radio diigit problem


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Hello, I am writing an application for MSFS 2020 with C Sharp and FSUIPC client dll. I define offset as below.

private Offset<ushort> com1offset = new Offset<ushort>("RadioStack", 0x034E);
private Offset<ushort> com1stbyoffset = new Offset<ushort>("RadioStack", 0x311A);

and with the code below, I convert it to json and send it to the client application. msfs showing 3 digits after comma. i get  2 digits after the comma. (like 132.45). How can I get this as 3 digits?

,JObject jsonObj = JObject.Parse(jsonMessage);

FsFrequencyCOM com1Helper = new FsFrequencyCOM(this.com1offset.Value);
FsFrequencyCOM com1stbyHelper = new FsFrequencyCOM(this.com1stbyoffset.Value);

string com1Value = com1Helper.ToString();
jsonObj["com1"] = com1Value;
string com1stbyValue = com1stbyHelper.ToString();
jsonObj["com1stby"] = com1stbyValue;
 string updatedJsonMessage = jsonObj.ToString();

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or is there a way to increase radio frequency without sending calculated value.  I am getting actual com1 value via json and and trying to add 5 on it and sendint to server. 

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problem solved
i used below ofset st server.
        private Offset<int> com1stbyoffset1 = new Offset<int>("comstby", 0x05CC);

then I added comstby value to json and I sent it to client.

float comstbyValue1 = com1stbyoffset1.Value;
comstbyValue1 = comstbyValue1 / 1000/1000;
jsonObj["comstby"] = comstbyValue1;

after seting  new value at client side I sent new value to server and set offset with new value,

if (msgname == "com1stbyvalue")
                string com1stbyvalue = json["com1stbyvalue"].ToString();
                int com1stbyvaluecalc =int.Parse(com1stbyvalue);
                com1stbyoffset1.Value = com1stbyvaluecalc; 


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Glad you found a solution. As you found, the COM offsets at 0x034E and 0x311A and do/can not support frequencies to 3 decimal places. and you need to use offsets 0x05C4 & 0x05CC instead for 8.33Khz spacing. 

I am not sure why  offsets 0x05C4 - 0x05D00 are documented as not writeable though. These weren't working in earlier releases of MSFS but I am pretty sure they are working now, and are using the newer KEY_COM_RADIO_SET_HZ and similar controls.   I will update the documentation.


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