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WIDEFS does not Connect!!!


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Hello Pete, sorry! I know you have thousands of same issues and I really tried to research and find my solution… but I did not! 
I’ve been using FSUIPC since 4 edition and that’s the first time I have problems to connect it. I did exactly the same config always  but now  without success. Maybe you take a look in my logs and you can easily identify what I’m doing wrong. 
I have 2 computers seeing and ping each other. 
One using win10 (FSUIPC7) and other Win7(WideFS). Both registered.  
I added Log from Project Magenta checkin files… FS1 ( Main with FSUIPC) and FS2 (with WideFS)


WideClient.log WideClient.ini

LOG PM FS1.txt LOG PM FS2.txt

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On 1/27/2024 at 3:41 PM, cesarfsim said:

I really tried to research and find my solution… but I did not! 

Did you check and try everything in the documentation? i.e. setting the workgroup, checking your firewalls (client, server and router - test with all disabled),  Please see the Configure your Network section of the WideFS user guide. Try with the server name specified in the WideClient.ini rather than the IP address, and you should also specify the protocol (try with TCP).

Also check that WideServer is activated and running in FSUIPC7. Note that you will need to have an aircraft loaded and ready-to-fly before wideserver is activated and wideclient can connect.

I am not sure what those pm log files are or why you attached them. Please also attach your FSUIPC7.log and .ini files.


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