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38 minutes ago, Deltaflight84 said:

Hello there, there still no available the xbox controller sticks that can't be assign in FSUPIC for Elevator, aileros, ecc...

The xbox controller uses XINPUT protocol that is not supported by FSUIPC7. However, you should be able to use this by using a conversion utility - from the README,txt file (included in the zip file that you downloaded):


XINPUT devices, such as the XBox One and XBox 360 controllers do not work natively with FSUIPC7.
If you want to use FSUIPC7 with such devices, you will need to install and configure a conversion utility called XInput Plus.
Please see the following tutorial:
It has been reported that the UI for this utility is also now available in English.
Also note that you need to point this utility to the FSUIPC7.exe, not the MSFS.exe.

Have you tried this?


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Just now, Deltaflight84 said:

Why in P3D  this is possible without the convertion?

Because FSUIPC is an embedded dll in P3D, and in MSFS2020 it is an external app/exe. With XINPUT, only applications that have the window focus will receive the input from such controllers.
With P3D, FSUIPC will receive the input when P3D has the focus (as it is embedded), and with MSFS2020 FSUIPC will not receive the input as MSFS2020 will have the focus and not FSUIPC7.

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