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bear 1962

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in setting up a paramotor sim in p3d

i have a spanking new pc

meta 3 vr

i9 14900k

rtx 4080

32 gb mem

lashings of storage  (10 tb at least ..m2+ssd+hdd)

im using mobiflight / fsuipc 6/ arduino mega


franz paramotor model ( converted from fsx )

i need some pointers  to get the controls working  i.e  3d printed  hand  linier pot throttle  . 2x string pots for the brakes

my bread board setup can read a pot and send input to debug in fsuipc 6 but thats it , i cannot get

anywhere trying to affect the throttle on screen

are there any good vids i should be watching / advice . most of the vid refer to msfs im using p3d

i have downloaded paramotor .lua files ready for control but dont know how to call on them in mobiflight

as  i  said complete newbie to mobiflight etc . i am a paratrike jockey irl and would like to practice on no fly days

any help would be most welcome


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For help with MobiFlight, please use the MobiFlight discord channel.
For help with FSUIPC6, please use the main FSUIPC support channel: https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/

Not sure why you posted in the FeelThere support forum - shall I move your post to the FSUIPC support forum? Or do you require support from FeelThere? If so, there support platform has moved - see 


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