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FENIX A320 MSFS2020 Cannot assign joystick buttons to increase or decrease altitude


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I am trying to assign several Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition buttons using a purchased version of FSUIPC (v7.4.8). I am using MSFS (v1.36.2.0) and the airplane is the FENIX A320 (v2.0.0.378). I am trying to assign button 5 to increase the altitude setting in 1000 ft increments and button 10 to decrease the altitude setting in 1000 ft increments. Buttons 5 and 10 are not assigned in MSFS. I created a specific profile for the FENIX A320. The airplane is running and ready to fly on the runway and the TCA Sidestick is plugged in. Using Assignments/ Button & Switch Assignments submenu, I pressed the #5 button on the sidestick and clicked Select for FS control. I selected Ap Alt Var Inc (Control sent when button is pressed) and did not enter any parameter. This did not work. I would appreciate help in completing this task. Thanks

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Take a look at the available presets (https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/) - maybe try

You can assign to presets by checking Select for Preset. There are also presets to set the altitude scale.

Many of he standard FS controls do not work in MSFS, especially for complex add-ons, and you have to use lvars/hvars/Input Events or presets instead.


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