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FSUIIPC, Prosim and Prepar3D

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Hi Guys, 

I hope you're well, sorry first post from me and possibly an obvious question!

I have a few pieces of hardware, but am mainly concerned with a CP Flight 737MCPEL and connecting it to Prepar3D via Prosim. I'm having issues with everything connected to Prosim, bit figured if I get the MCP resolved, the other things will fix themselves too!

So, I am running Prepard3D V5, I am running Prosim in evaluation mode (as for now I am looking to test the hardware) and I have an un-registered version of FSUIIPC. 

The hardware seems to run fine - for example, I can make adjustments on the MCP and all that kind of thing. 

However, when running Prepar3D with Prosim and FSUIIPC - it doesn't seem to be 'seeing' what I am doing on the MCP. 

Prosim says it is connected with Prepar3D and FSUIIPC - but the hardware inputs are not coming through to Prepar3D, despite all these connections saying they're good. 

I expect this is very simple and I've done something wrong! But I am newbie to all this, so any help would be appreciated!

I can't seem to upload the screenshots and they are too big in size, but can be found on this link here.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



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Controls for Prosim need to be assigned in Prosim.

As your FSUIPC is unregistered it is not even looking at the controls.  In fact it is doing little except supporting requests from other programs, including Prosim if so configured.  You really need Prosim set to SimConnect mode, not FSUIPC mode, unless you plan to purchase FSUIPC and register it.



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Thanks Pete!

I now have FSUIIPC installed, paid for and registered. 

Prosim is seeing the MCP, so that seems to be working.... The MCP is alive and I am able to make the MCP work. 

However, when opening Prepar3d, still no luck on the things appearing to talk between Prosim/FSUIIPC/Prepar3D. 

Is there some kind of test I can run to make sure everything is talking to eachother?

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15 hours ago, neil-uk said:

Is there some kind of test I can run to make sure everything is talking to eachother?

Prosim has a facility to log inputs it detects. FSUIPC has a lot of logging facilities. But you need to be specific on "the things" which you think are supposed to talk between Prosim/FSUIIPC/Prepar3D.  Most of the 737 controls are operated by Prosim -- it simulates the entire cockpit, and all of your controls and switches need to be assigned (and calibrated) in Prosim.

PMDG's aircraft have their own cockpit. You use Prosim OR PMDG. You can't use one with the other. That would make no sense.

I think you need to be using the Prosim support forum to resolve any problems you have with Prosim. FSUIPC really has little to do with it unless you are setting Prosim into FSUIPC mode -- you should start off using it's SimConnect mode in any case. AND the aircraft model supplied with Prosim, of course.



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