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CTD by load autosave


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Hi all, Autosave is configured correctly, the files (every 60 seconds) are listed under "... Microsoft Flight Simulator" as described in the manual. For every record I have 3 files (AutoSave SAT 174348.FLT, also AutoSave Sat 174348.FLT and AutoSave Sat 174348.jpcbin). Now I tried to reload a flight after an exit the MSFS2020 during a flight (just to know if it works or not). After loading MSFS again, then opening a new flight on the field "world", then "Load", then I can see only FLT-Files, what seems to be ok. If I choose now the file "AutoSave SAT 174348.FLT" as exemple, the MSFS2020 makes every time a CTD.

Question: what am I doing wrong? I'd like to use the function AutoSave for reloading a situation in the air when the MSFS makes CTD during a flight. I have had the situation of CTD after 3h of flight just before landing, very bad. Can somebody help me and tell me what I have to do to make Autosaves working? I have FSUIP7 V7408, MSFS2020 with all updates, W11 with all updates and Bitdefender Total Security. Enough space on SSD separated for MSFS.

Sorry for my bad english!

Best regards Markus

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Sorry, me again

correction: ....... (AutoSave SAT 174348.FLT, then AutoSave SAT 174348.ipcbin, then AutoSave SAT 174348.SPB)   <-- this are the files in the correct order

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First you have to be aware that the flight load/save/auto-save functionality provided by FSUIPC completely rely on the functions provided by the MSFS SDK, namely the SimConnect functions SimConnect_FlightLoad and SimConnect_FlightSave (as well as SimConnect_FlightPlanLoad). Although the SimConnect_FlightLoad function is documented as working, the SimConnect_FlightSave function (as well as the SimConnect_FlightPlanLoad function) is still documented as 'NOTE: The current status of this function is NO ERROR, NO RESPONSE.', which is Asobo's way of saying that this function is still not 100% working/reliable, It has been this way since release.

Therefore the saving and loading of flights is still not 100% reliable, although some users have reported more success with this than others (maybe aircraft dependent). If it is not working, I cannot do much about this - you can try raising a bug request with Asobo, but they may reject this if the flight file is generated by the SimConnect_FlightSave function as they are already aware of issues with this.

Flight files generated by MSFS2020 itself and those generated by external apps (using SimConnect_FlightSaveshould be compatible/the same, but this may not actually be the case at the moment. You could try loading the flight file via FSUIPC7 (File -> Load Flight) to see if that makes a difference. You can do this either when in the World Map, or when you already have an aircraft loaded and ready-to-fly.


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Thank you, John,

unfortunately not a good answer ......, I hoped so much that I can proceed with a flight when I have a CTD. So I (and all the others) have to wait for Microsoft. Hopefully they have not forgotten the issue! Thank you for your effort with MS. Bytheway: by clicking on "Load ..." in FSUIPC, the next step is CTD.


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